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Lothan Daitch Architects

Leading architectural firm located in Tel Aviv, Established in 1952, employs 22 architects.

A broad range of client services:

city plans, public buildnigs, research and educational laboratories, residential, commercial and offices design.

At Lothan Daitch Architects, we work with the BIM method, so that the basic process of cooperation and coordination between all the fields, in particular  between the architecture, construction and according systems, produces a detailed  snapshot of the current construction for the client and ourselves. this collaboration is maintained throughout the entire construction process and  proceeds to the maintenance of the project after completion of construction.

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We believe that architecture has the power to change lives and create communities.
Together with our clients, we create healthy, sustainable spaces in which they can live, work, play and create.


Contact Us

Lothan Daitch Architects Ltd.


T: +972-3-5442115  |  F: +972-3-5442116  |  C: +972-545451831



 16 Vissotzki st, Tel-Aviv  62338, Israel

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